Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I Know Why the Bagged Bear Sings!

I have discovered one of the most excellent candy combinations ever, and I am going to share it here so that you, too, can enjoy it. But first, a little set-up:

I believe that anyone who reads this blog (anyone there?) will remember that two of my favorite candies are Haribo Gold-Bears and Sour Skittles. It just so happens that due to a gift of Haribos from my family (excellent) and a sale on the giant-sized bag of Sour Skittles ($1.49-- can you believe what a great world we live in sometimes?!) I had both of these candies in my possession. Faithful readers may also remember from my post on the joys and dangers of bulk candy that I like to let my candies intermingle whenever possible so that they experience other cultures.

Well, I think you see where I am going here: I combined a bag of Haribos with a bag of Sour Skittles and took them to work with me. By the time I had arrived, a brilliant chemical reaction had occurred: the acidic powder on the Skittles seemed to be oxidizing and sapping moisture from the bears, and the bears seemed to be simultaneously attracting the now not-quite-sticky, but sort of gummy (not gummi) sour beadlets. I thought at first that I may have erred in putting these two together, because the Skittles looked wet, and the bears looked as if they had been sitting in a marina too long and had gathered salt spray. But, man, was I wrong!

When I took a random handful of this mixture to my mouth, I knew that I was in love. The combination of the crisp outer coating of the Skittle with the firm, waxy exterior of the Haribo made for a textural bonanza. Combine that with the melange of disparate, yet harmonious fruit flavors and sour acid, and you have yourself a real treat. After I discovered this brilliant accident, I had to share the excitement. I showed my stepmother, a fellow candy-hawk, and she almost reluctantly took a little sample from the bag.

The next day, I found a half-eaten bag by my computer with a note that read: "Thank you! :)"

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