Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sour Dots

I have never hidden the fact that I love the sour candy. That citric acid is some good stuff. I generally love all the "sour" additions to candy brands. Sour Skittles are divine; sour Starburst (though impossible to find outside of the "Sweet and Sour" line, which I have already derided on this blog) are heavenly; Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers are transcendent.

But recently, I have discovered a new contender to the sour throne: Sour Dots. First, let me say that Dots are not fully appreciated to begin with. As jelly products go, I have them just ahead of Swedish Fish and just behind Sour Patch Kids. That ain't not bad, indeed. They have vibrant, wonderful flavors and colors, and each dot has a certain heft that you can really appreciate. Add to that the fact that you really get your money's worth ( a full 7 oz per dollar 'theater' box) and you have a strong holding, to be sure.

Another incentive of the Sour Dot: grape flavor. Not often enough used.

Sour Dots are even a step past the regular Dot. The sour matches exquisitely with the sweet, and the combination induces that perfect level of pucker, forcing you to slow your gobble and make the candy last even further. Granted, that slowing is a relative thing, but it is a nice bonus to the beautiful flavor.

On the whole, I give the Sour Dot an 'A' rating, and encourage all who read this to go get you some to see what I am talking about.

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  1. I'll make sure to get a box or two next time I'm at Kroger.