Wednesday, July 29, 2009

There's Something about Airport Candy

Not so long ago, I wrote about getting a bad package of Starburst candies-- that was in an airport. However, despite that experience, I still believe that eating candy at the airport is one of life's pleasures. Maybe it is not surprising that my general loves of the airport and candy make their pairing attractive, but I think it is more than that.

This has nothing to do with this post.

And, even the tremendous delays that accompany air travel these days has not soured my love of the airport binge; I mean, has anyone tried to get somewhere on a schedule recently? Good freaking luck. The lack of flights and workers has led, seemingly, to a ton of delays, maintenance issues and unhappy travelers. All the more reason, perhaps, to visit the little news stand in the E terminal to purchase a 5 dollar bag of gummi worms or a three dollar Baby Ruth. Of course, there are always those larger bags of sweets that you can get cheaper if you buy two, but only just barely. But none of that matters... because as you sit there on an "aisle" seat in the terminal, watching the parade of humanity walk, run, and ride by, you cannot think of the last time you had such a tasty chocolate covered cashew or orange slice.

Who shops at these airport stores? See, that is something I can think about over a few hundred Skittles.

Indeed, if I am not faced with the promise of an imposed 6-hour delay, I could sit happily for hours in an airport, chomping on over-priced candy, thinking not at all of the world I am escaping. Whether headed to an exciting vacation or home to a pile of work, I never let myself forget to stop and quietly, methodically eat some candy and watch the people go by. If only all the world were so...

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Australia: Land of Licorice

If you have ever eaten a Twizzler, you know what a bland, dull experience "licorice" can be. Granted, I have eaten a ton of Twizzlers in my day, but I have rarely bought them myself to eat. Usually, the giant bag of Twizzlers shows up at a gathering, and of course, it is better to eat candy than to not. However, every time I partake of Twizzlers, I am struck by the relative lack of flavor and irksome waxiness of the product.

These things are OK, I guess, but not really "good."

This is not so of licorice produced in Australia. First, the licorice has no hole in the middle to fudge the actual weight of the candy; this allows for a dense, full bite of licorice. Second, the licorice tastes like the flavor it announces, not a ghostly hint of that flavor amidst a mouthful of wax. The licorice is the star, not the medium. I'm telling you, if you ever get your hands on some licorice produced in Australia, you will never return to Twizzlers. It is a divine, wondrous product that, yes, you will pay a bit more for, but which will be well worth the cost. And, actually, once you factor in the relative lack of weight you get with the ridged, holey Twizzler, I am not that sure you are paying that much more for the good stuff. Convert over, people. You will not be disappointed.
A couple of added bonuses are evident from this photo: there are better flavors (like Raspberry-- and I've had strawberry, green apple, and back licorice flavors, too) and the candy either comes in convenient resealable plastic tubs or this satisfying wax paper bag pictured here. **NOTE: I understand that Twizzlers comes in a bunch of "flavors," but really, they are all just wax with food coloring.